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Personal Artist Statement

My paintings express mental and emotional themes which are represented through elements of nature and surrealism. I am inspired by images of eyes, trees, mountains, butterflies, flowers and sunsets. The paintings convey isolation, growth, healing and change. The subject matter of nature is seen as alluring and beautiful. Despite this, nature symbolizes a deeper emotional context, rather than what is seen on the surface. 

I paint in both acrylic and oil, canvas and wood are my surfaces. The scale of my pieces range from small to medium-large in size. I am always thinking about which hues will enhance my work. I use vivid, contrasting and complementary colors to represent depth. When mixing my color pallet, I keep the colors vibrant by not muting them down. 

 My landscape paintings specifically are inspired by my own photographs, or by pictures of places I have visited. I digitally enhance the photo for an intensified color pallet to work from. The colors create a heightened connection to the place in the painting. I sometimes wander into my imagination and abandon the photo of reference completely. 

When I am not painting a landscape, I focus on specific imagery such as flowers, tree branches or wings. I incorporate the imagery with abstract painting techniques to create a unique composition. 

I also love to experiment with relief printmaking. This includes linoleum and soft rubber cut prints, as well as collagraphs. What inspires me for my prints is emotional representation through majestic animals, portraits of women, elements of nature and surrealism.

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